Sunday, March 23, 2014

Planning a trip to Banff

Can't wait to finally go to Banff National Park! It looks amazing and I always wanted to go!

What to see in Burnaby

Everyone wants to travel somewhere, and we cannot deny the fact that unwinding is a part of our life. Maybe we are so stressed in our work, study, and many more. And it is normal to unwind yourself for sometimes, because working simultaneously could make you old. That is why some people are finding some beautiful places to relax. Also research shows that most people are spending their unwinding moments in Burnaby. But some people prefer to spend their vacation in other countries. It is true that there many tourist destination spots here in the world. And it is surely a difficult decision for us to where we will spend our vacation. But, as we all know. It is up to us on where will we spending our vacation and possibly we could roam the world if we only have the money. So, this is not a rush requirement as long as you enjoy yourself.
Well, talking about the best place to unwind. Why not go to Burnaby? Burnaby is located mainly in Canada and this is the third largest city in British Columbia. Aside from its wonderful culture, Burnaby has lots of tourist destination spots such like lakes, mountain, parks and more. This could be a wonderful place to unwind if you have problems in your life. Also, Burnaby has different kinds of shopping in their places. Name it, they have it all. From foods down to clothing, it is all available n their malls. All you need is to bring a large of money so that you can buy all things you want. Also, there are plenty of historical places in Burnaby. I doubt that one week is not enough for you to enjoy the city of Burnaby.
If you want a relaxing place that could overcome your stress then Burnaby is the place best for you. There are many tourist destination spots in this city. From forest to malls, this city has it all. Also, before I forget to mention this. Burnaby has a mall that mainly sells souvenir items like t-shirts, bracelets, key chains and many more. So, if your loved ones ask for some souvenirs then you could go to different Burnaby malls to provide them different kinds of souvenirs. Nevertheless, it is still your own decision on where will you travel. There are so many choices in the world and also there are plenty of tourist spot in this world

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As My Collection Grows...Why Do I Collect Koozies?

If you have three, five or ten koozies then you are absolutely a collector! Why do you collect koozies may depend on how you use them. I have around 50 in my collection right now.

Koozies may also be called beer sleeves or beer huggers since the original koozie design was made exactly for beer cans and beer bottles. Koozies are usually made of material that insulates temperature like foam or neoprene so that it can keep my beer cold. It can keep ice cold beer cold and hot drinks warm. Koozies however are not just used for beverages; it has lately become one of the most versatile items for parties, conferences and seminars since you may actually print anything over the koozie outer portion. It is thus used in weddings, sporting events, reunions and parties of any kind of theme. So why do you collect koozies? Here are some of the best reasons why:

1. Because you are a social person. If you love to socialize, visit friends, attend parties and conferences then you may have been given koozies as souvenirs.

2. Because you love to drink beer. Most beer companies give out koozies as a token for patrons and customers. Some companies offer koozies as a prize in exchange for beer caps or for a promo code.

3. Because you like koozie colors and designs. Most collectors just can’t help collecting koozies because of the different colors, impressive designs and funny captions or slogans. My Favorite company has 30 colors colors for just their premium koozie! Companies and businesses often give koozies the same color as their company brand and of course with the company name, caption and company information. Some captions and slogans are funny while others are inspirational which makes these items collectible and one-of-a-kind.

4. You collect them because you need them; you drink canned beverages, you drink hot drinks and you need one when ever you drink beer. There are so many different koozie designs that you may choose online. There may be more reasons for collecting koozies. But no matter what your reason is, there is nothing more practical and more efficient than a koozie.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Taking a Vacation – Will be Back Soon

Taking a Vacation – Will be Back Soon
It cannot be denied that I have been focused on my blogs lately and we have discussed about some varied but important topics that can be helpful to your daily lives. And I also enjoyed discussing things with you and telling you about my experiences, my views on different topics as well as sharing my knowledge to you regarding different learnings and tips I have gathered.
And now, I am happy to announce that I would be taking a vacation so I will be off from blogging for a while. But even though I will be gone for a vacation and be off-touch from you for a while, I know that this vacation means something big for you guys as well.
This vacation will help me relax and unwind, be in a different place for a change but I can assure you guys that I will be back soon with some bigger surprises, new and fresher topics to blog about. I can even share to you my vacation experience so you can somehow take a sneak peek of where I went and what fun things I have done during the vacation.
In other words, I am also taking this vacation for you since you have been my loyal readers and you have been with me and my blogs all the time which allowed me to learn many things from you too.
While I am on vacation, I also hope you have a good time so you can also share something to me when I come back very soon.